Korean Pop star Aoora says, “I love Mumbai, I often think about living here

K-Pop music is very famous in India, beside desi Music, Indian fans also loves to listen K-pop music. South Korean pop singer and composer Park Min-Jun aka Aoora, better known as Aoora is a big fan of Bollywood Music. Korean Pop star Aoora says, “I love Mumbai, I often think about living here.

Park Min-Jun aka Aoora made his debut on 4th Sep 2009 with his popular music “love Back”. But he start his solo debut on 2014, 24 March with the digital single “Body Part”. ‘Swag Se Swagat’ is his recent famous mashup which has crossed a million views. “Cham Cham” is his recently released song.

The singer, rapper, and music producer says that, “Felt an instant connection with the people of Mumbai”. He added this word after his debut in Mumbai in February 2023.  He captivates Bapi Lahiri’s two song, “Jimmy Jimmy” from “Disco Dancer,” 1982 is one of them. Recently he comes in Mumbai for some work and plans to explore city before heading home at the end of this month. We think that can be one reason for which Korean Pop star Aoora says, “I love Mumbai, I often think about living here

His feeling about Mumbai:

He also added, “I absolutely love everything about Mumbai! From the delicious food that tantalizes my taste buds to the pleasant weather that adds a touch of charm, there is so much to appreciate. But what truly captures my heart is the vibrant energy that permeates the city and the warm and loving people who call it home. The bustling streets, the cultural diversity, and the sense of community are all elements that makes this city truly special. In fact, I have fallen so in love with your city that I often find myself thinking about here permanently. It is a place that resonates with me on a deep level, and I feel a sense of belonging whenever I am here.” Here it is clear that Korean Pop star Aoora says, “I love Mumbai, I often think about living here

His dreams about India:

India is incredibly special due to its diversity. With numerous states, languages, and cuisines, I find myself constantly learning something new every day. India has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to offer.”

Aoora is going to release remixed version of Jimmy Jimmy, and told, “I heard the song Jimmy Jimmy two months back and I loved the beats, it was very modern, had a very global approach to it so I thought it would be great fun if we could add K-pop beats to it because I’ve always wanted to do an Indo-Korean collaboration project as I feel there are a lot of similarities between Indian music and Korean music in terms of energy. So I thought it would be a great collaboration if we could add K-pop beats to this very iconic song.”

Park Min-Jun aka Aoora is interested to collaborate with Tiger Shroff. He says, “I want to collaborate with Tiger Shroff. I love Tiger’s dance and action moves. He’s my favourite, I want to do something with him. Please, on my behalf, send him a message so that he hears it and we get the chance to collaborate,” AOORA said. He revealed that he had reached out to Tiger but got no response. “I sent a message directly to Tiger but he didn’t reply. I am sure Tiger gets so many DMs and couldn’t reply so please pass my message to him.”

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