Arijit Singh vocalizes Sonu Nigam’s superhit song “Saathiya” song, admits that ‘Sonu Nigam ka gaana hain please maaf kar dena..’

Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh- both the singer’s rise has been different and both have acquired a shocking fan base over the years. Both Sonu Nigam and Arijit Singh have huge fans all over the world. People love Sonu Nigam for his magical voice and versatility. Arijit Singh is known for his soulful voice and natural lifestyle after being the biggest music star in India. Music lovers pass out over their stunning deep voice and their ability to sing an unequal genre of compositions. Even this also makes Sonu and Arijit every music composer’s delight. Interestingly, after having huge fame and stardom Arijit has always been humble and true to his craft. Even, he always considered that Sonu Nigam’s versatility is on another level and it can be untouched.

In a recent concert, this great singer again proved why people loved him immensely. His fans asked him to sing Sonu Nigam’s song and Arijit responds with a charming smile. But being a big fan of Sonu Nigam himself, Arijit said to the fans simply and left everyone in shock. Arijt said, “Sonu Nigam ka gaana hain please maaf kar dena mera aukad nehi hain” and then the celebrated singer sang the beautiful romantic song ‘Hasti Rahe Tu Hasti Rahe’ from the film Saathiya’.

Hasti Rahe Tu Hasti Rahe” song is one of the masterpieces of Sonu Nigam from “Saathiya” and before that, Sonu Nigam rated Arijit Singh 7 out of 10 which was top among all the singers. Sonu Nigam shows his love in the comment section of Instagram. Sonu Nigam replied back in the comment, saying, “This is Arijit’s humility and love. No credits to me. I love him.”

Take A look below–

During the IPL, not only he won the heart of every fan heart even though he was in the spotlight on social media when he touched former Indian captain MS Dhoni’s feet after his performance. 

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